Depressed Girl



Loneliness or Isolation?


A Lack of Motivation?

Negative Self Talk?

Feeling Not Good Enough?

Feeling Out of Control?

Fear or Uncertainty?

Lack of Self Confidence?

Fear of Confrontation?

Fear of Rejection?

Do You Suffer from

Nurturely can help. Our fun coaching games help you learn while reprograming your subconscious to help you navigate and live a happier life.

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Treat Stress & Anxiety with Mobile Game Play

Swipe away your anxiety as you advance through the many islands of fun challenges, unlocking the mysteries, and ultimately improving your own happiness and wellbeing.

Swipe Away Anxiety

Nurturely’s fun game play is designed to talk to your subconscious mind and prepare you to handle anxiety causing situations - giving you control and confidence going forward.


Play As You Learn Techniques to Navigate and Live a Happier Life

Each level teaches valuable lessons from professional coaching that will help you successfully navigate the hurdles of life – improving your relationship with yourself, your friends, your family, and your colleagues.


It's Fun, Easy and Effective Coaching for All Ages

From dealing with teenage bullying to coping with stress and anxiety during college, through to learning how to lead and empower others at work through to dealing with retirement – Nurturely contains coaching for all ages.

Fun Challenges that Prepare You for Life's Many Hurdles

Nurturely first takes care of your immediate concerns and then puts you on a path of personal success and achievement with lessons available on everything from confidence to leadership to conflict resolution and mediation.

Feel Better Faster and
Take Control of Your Life

Get immediate results with Nurturely’s fun and adaptive coaching. Treat the underlying cause of your problem and learn a set of resources and methods that will aid you
throughout the rest of your life.

Stop Stress Immediately

Quickly retrain your subconscious mind to react helpfully to your stress triggers - through fun game play.

Take Control of Your Life

Play fun games and teach yourself the tools needed to build a solid foundation to take control and move forward.

Grow and Achieve More

Learn advanced techniques to set yourself up for success and achievement and live a happier and more fulfilling life.