6 Tips for Overcoming Negative Self-Talk

October 6, 2020
6 Tips for Overcoming Negative Self-Talk
6 Tips for Overcoming Negative Self-Talk

Negative Self Talk

Basically the more we self-talk negatively the worse we feel. You can go from being happy to absolutely miserable in a split second. And the longer you indulge “Mr. Negativity” the worse you feel and the harder it is to so called “snap out of it”

Obviously we all want a chance to feel more joy, happiness in our lives and thinking more positively and less negatively makes perfect sense, and seems like the key to being able to enjoy your life more.

We all experience self-talk, some positive, some negative. Some negative self-talk is fine and actually healthy. Some of us do more negative self-talking than others. Similar negative self-talk can also be viewed very differently between people. So how can we minimize or loosen its grip when it shows its ugly little head?

Well I’m going to give you a couple of tips that I works for me to “snap-out-of-it” and some housekeeping tips you can try to keep the negative self-talk to a manageable level, but first we’ll go over some of the “sciency” stuff.

What happens when we “negative self-talk”?

We have a trigger, feel an emotion, have a thought – triggering a chemical response and in turn can change not only our mood but impact us physically. This can happen in a split second…amazing right!!

Coupling things like stress and negative self-talk increases the release of hormones such as dopamine, epinephrine, and norepinephrine, and cortisol (stress hormone).

These hormones will rise when there is perceived physical threat, but can also elevate by negative self-talk.

Cortisol is also a hormone(steroid), and an important one as it can affect the part of the brain that is associated with “positive emotions” which makes us susceptible to “negative emotions” as opposed to Serotonin which is related to lower anxiety and feeling happier.

Tips for turning off negative self-talk

  1. Awareness – Being aware that you are negative self-talking in my opinion is the most important aspect of overcoming negatively self-talking. So the first step is to just be able to identify when you are negative self-talking – that’s it!
  2. Quit-it – When you become aware of negative self-talking simply say “quit it” or “snap-out-of-it” or a short phrase that means the same. if you can say it out loud then all the better. Tell yourself why you need to stop unnecessarily torturing yourself, for example I simply say ‘your being silly’ or ‘quit it’– I’ve been around the loop that many times I’m able to “nip it in the bud” pretty quickly and that is not possible without first being aware of what is happening

Negative self-talk Housekeeping tips

Routine – Take time each day (preferably the beginning) to practise positive self-talk

Positive Affirmations and Mantras – positive thoughts can stimulate the “feel good” chemicals the body releases. Attraction Law says you will attract what you think and feel and what you deserve – kind of like a self-fulfilling prophesy.

Positive People – If at all possible surround yourself with positive people, you’ll be surprised how effective it can be.

Triggers – Sometimes negative self talk can lead to anxiety. Self awareness can be beneficial in how to identify your anxiety triggers.

A little Exercise – This doesn’t mean you need to join a gym or sign up to a marathon. Just get moving for 20 mins a day or 3 times a week – get into a routine.

Sleep and Water – It really does work, we just feel better when we have had a good night’s sleep and feel like we have more energy and are just more “with-it” if we are hydrated

So the next time you find your-self talking negatively inside your own mind try to interrupt “Mr. Negativity”. Tell your present self to “snap-out-of-it”. The more you practice becoming aware of your negative self-talk the better you will be able to manage it’s impact.

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