How to get noticed as an Introvert

August 3, 2020
How to get noticed as an Introvert
How to get noticed as an Introvert

Introvert vs Extrovert

There are plenty of ways to define ourselves. Psychology generally characterizes us as being one of two personality types. Those people who are introverts and those that are extroverts.

Basically, the difference between introverts and extroverts comes down to the amount of stimulation each needs to be happy. Introverts need a little less, extroverts a little more.

To give you a better idea…an introvert might be happy with a walk along the beach, whereas an extrovert would rather through themselves out of a perfectly good plane for a trill.  The science suggests introverts are less likely to be impulsive and take fewer risks than extroverts.

Introverts and Dopamine

Dopamine, (the feel-good chemical) plays a massive part in how each type respond when it is released into the brain.

It’s not that extroverts get more dopamine than introverts, they both have the same amount available to them, it’s more about the personality types reward system or network.

So let’s look at this a little closer. The reward system for an extrovert might allow them to get super excited at getting a promotion, get hyped up with a night out at a concert, whereas the enthusiasm is less for introverts.

Also, introverts are more prone to anxiety and depression whereas extroverts are more likely to become addicted to things like drugs, and gambling.

What are Ambiverts?

Ambiverts are people whose personality type sits around halfway between being an introvert and an extrovert.

In an attempt to categorize this group they have often been labeled as “Outgoing Introverts”, “Antisocial Extroverts” or “Social Introverts”

Ambiverts typically enjoy socializing yet often need time on their own. They can be very outgoing in certain situations. They can equally happy working in teams as they are working alone, are both internal and external processors.

Tips to help you get noticed as an introvert

If you are an introvert and things like networking, public speaking events, meetings, and presentations make you cringe, and you want to succeed regardless of them, maybe these tips can help.

  • Let your work do the talking – this one is easy…do a standout job and get noticed for what you contribute.
  • Network online – introverts tend to be great listeners, find small like-minded groups to join. You may find some local groups you can meet offline at some point
  • Accept that being an introvert is a strength
  • Build meaningful relationships – if you are on the shy side you can create comfort and security with truly meaningful relationships
  • Speak up about your passions – quietly take a stand, let your voice be heard
  • Propose your ideas – small group presentations might feel like a more safe and secure option
  • Say ‘yes’ to more social events – you may need to pick and choose depending on your comfort levels. However the point here is to get noticed
  • Say ‘yes’ to more responsibility – part of standing out is putting your hand up if there is an opportunity for more responsibility say yes more often
  • Take credit for a job well done – take the praise and credit for work you have done…this doesn’t mean jumping up and down yelling “yes it’s all me, take that Brad” but rather being recognised for your contribution
  • Set realistic expectations for uncomfortable situations – as an introvert you understand your limitations, what you feel comfortable with.

So generally there are two personality types, introvert and extrovert. And one common question being asked is how to get noticed as an introvert? The good news as there are a number of things we can do, some small and simple, and other that need a little more effort.

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