Real life Tips for Dealing with Anxiety – Part 2

June 11, 2021
Real life Tips for Dealing with Anxiety – Part 2
Real life Tips for Dealing with Anxiety – Part 2

Continuing on from “Real life tips for dealing with anxiety – Part 1” we look at even more real life tips, and things to help manage your anxiety.

Get mad at your Anxiety

Some anxiety suffers find talking directly to their anxiety helps. Tell it to sod off, take a hike, get out of here etc. One friend even told me they give their anxiety a name – she calls hers Tod.

real life tips for dealing with anxiety
Getting mad at anxiety

Helping others Helps

Not only dose helping others make you feel good but it is also a good distraction from your anxiety mind. The better or more positive you are feeling, the better frame of mind you are in can have a huge impact in dealing with anxiety.

This could be helping a neighbour, volunteering, listening of a friends problem, or even helping a work colleague.

Helping others helps anxiety
Helping heals

Relax your Body even if your Mind is not

The idea here is to relax by starting with tension. Find somewhere comfortable, and quite, close your eyes take a couple of deep breaths. Clench your fists hold for a few seconds now really focus on how that feels and then relax your fists take particular notice of how it feels when you relaxed. Move throughout your body repeating the tense relax method for example move to your arms, legs, feet etc.

Mantras Matter

People have often told me that mantras really work for them. It can really help calm the mind even when having a full on panic attack. They will often use a word, phrase or sound and really hone in on the individual words or sounds. You can even break down words and focus on the syllables.

Exercise is good for anxiety

For some anxiety sufferers exercise is a fantastic way to reduce anxiousness. This doesn’t necessarily mean going for a run or working out at the gym. It could simply be going for a 10 minute walk each day or when you need it, yoga, dancing, or even stretches.

Exercise for anxiety
Exercise for anxiety

The Caffeine High

There have been a number of studies that show a correlation between caffeine and anxiety. Basically what caffeine does is blocks the chemical in the brain that makes you feel tired and at the same time releases adrenalin. So if you already suffer from anxiety adding enough coffee on top could bring on anxiety or add to its intensity.

Caffeine stays in the body for quite some time for example is you had a cup of coffee (40mg), 5 hours later you would still have half that (20mg) in your body.

Try cutting down on how much caffeine you have each day and see if it makes a difference. Also check the labels of food and drinks you will be amazed where caffeine can be found.

Caffeine can be found in:

  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Soft drinks
  • Energy drinks
  • Some chocolates
  • Varies ice creams
  • Some protein powders
  • Some weight-loss pills
Caffeine and anxiety
Anxiety and caffeine

Candle to Soothe anxiety

Try lighting a candle it can be surprisingly calming. Watching the flame flicker can be quite mesmerizing. On top of that some smells may also have a calming effect.

Hobbies Hobbling Anxiety

Some people find immersing themselves in their hobbies helps lower their anxiety levels. Hobbies could be anything really, from painting, or gardening to fishing, or knitting.

Sweeping away negative self talk

This one was a surprise to me at first but then after thinking about it for a while totally got it. I talked to a lady who suffers almost daily with anxiety and the one thing that has really helped her was to go out in the back yard, take a broom and just sweep – she does this for about 10-15 minutes at a time and sometimes 2 or 3 times a day.

Another sweeping example I heard about was imagining negative feelings, words, or negative thoughts and literally using your hand in a sweeping motion to toss them aside.

Anxiety and sweeping
Sweep away anxiety

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